Joy For The Body and Soul

I was cheap. I didn't want to pay the price for a bracelet I saw online that I loved! I decided to try and make one of my own. In looking for supplies, I found so many items that I thought would make beautiful jewelry. And so I just acted like that sneaker slogan! With support from folks closest to me, many incredulous that I had started on this journey, I started designing.

Style and fashion do not have to be pricey to enhance our inner and outer beauty! My designs are inspired by nature, ethnicity and a pursuit of finding joy in life and living. We are as beautiful as the flowers, the moon, sun and stars! We adorn the world along with them.

I'm so glad that you've stopped on by. Gwan and take a stroll through my store and check it out! Send me a note if you like something, want a custom piece designed or if you just want to share a story.

Let's Find Our Joy and Adorn Our Bodies and Souls!


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